Polar Meltdown Update : Global Sea Ice Area Above Normal

Polar amplification and the death spiral are hitting hard now. The area of sea ice on Earth is above normal.

ScreenHunter_83 Feb. 19 07.13




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4 Responses to Polar Meltdown Update : Global Sea Ice Area Above Normal

  1. Ben says:

    All that warming increases evaporation, which leaves the water cooler, increasing ice. But its thin rotten ice. Strangely, you still need an icebreaker to get through it.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Normal, above normal or below normal sea ice, or anything else in between, is entirely consistent with a warming planet. That is what our MIT geniuses and supercomputers and peer reviewed, cutting edge, highly sophisticated climate models are telling us. The science is settled!

  3. Edward. says:

    Shock horror ## LATEST @NYT global warming central##!!

    Krugman, “Global warming stopped at the poles!!”

    McKitten, “It’s getting more ice man!”

    K, “Alack!”

    M, “Sh*7!”

    K, “What can man do?”

    M, As world turns cold – speaks up, “we need more CO2 in the atmosphere!”

    K, ……………mutters, “er, um”

    M, “………oh yeah – it ain’t nuffin to do wiv MM CO2 – ain’t you heard?”

    K, “We’re Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll doomed!”

  4. Andy OZ says:

    Snap, Crackle, Pop, Fzzzzttt!!!
    Looks like the old computer terror models of the Warmists et al have burnt out.
    They don’t match reality. Perhaps a few more of the blue pills will help.

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