The permanent drought of Kansas is expecting 12-18 inches of snow this week.


By Paul Homewood


A farmer sifts through arid topsoil under a ruined crop on a farm last August in Kansas. Today the shortage of moisture on the land is threatening the new crop planted last autumn. photograph: getty


I sometimes get accused of being too dismissive of Climate Scientists, probably with justice. However, there are times when they just set themselves up to be shot down.

The Irish Times, (yes, don’t ask me why!!) has just run a report from Courtland, Kansas on the drought last year. Most of the farmers interviewed believe it is all just part of a natural cycle. One typical farmer was quoted

“In western Kansas we sit to the east of the Rocky Mountains, where it is drier. I remember the 1955/56 drought and 1988. My dad went through the 1930s and had to move to the west coast,” said Ron Neff, a farmer in Selden, 150 miles west of Courtland.

But apparently the scientists know better!

Chuck Rice, a professor of soil microbiology and a climate change expert at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas…

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2 Responses to

  1. Latitude says:

    why do they keep acting like the dust bowl never existed….

  2. Andy DC says:

    What are a few peer reviewed lies among friends? After all, grant money is at stake and 9th place does not sound nearly as exciting as the warmest EVER!

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