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Hansen Ups The Ante To Eight Metres

Earlier today I showed that two metres of sea level rise is an idea for the severely brain damaged. Now Hansen bumps it up to eight metres. Future generations face sea-level rises of 18 to 27 feet, extinction of 30 … Continue reading

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Consecutive Years With No Hurricanes Coming More Frequently

Since the Civil War, there have only been four times when two consecutive years produced no hurricanes in the US. Two of them have been since the year 2000. 1930-1931 , 1981-1982, 2000-2001 and 2009-2010 Chronological List of All Hurricanes … Continue reading

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Obama Continues To Lie And Destroy The US Constitution

President Barack Obama is tired of waiting for Congress to move on legislation to reduce carbon emissions, and his administration is poised to move forward on actions to do just that—including a move that will effectively eliminate the possibility of … Continue reading

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Stupid Conspiracy Theorists

Woodward and Bernstein believed that the White House conspired to cover up Watergate. Every leftie in the country believed that Bush and the neocons conspired about Saddam’s WMD’s. Now that Obama is president, anyone who questions his background, motivations, or … Continue reading

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Ramming Through A “Solution” To An Unknown Problem

The White House is going full speed to jam through every gun grab they can get away with, based on the mindless Borg mantra “enough is enough.” The only problem is, we have no idea what happened in either Aurora … Continue reading

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January 1931 : Drought Induced Starvation In The US

http://trove.nla.gov.au/ President Obama says that droughts are getting worse due to your SUV.

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2013 YTD : Fewest Acres Burned In At Least A Decade

National Interagency Fire Center

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