1954 : Seven States Were Hit By Major Hurricanes

During 1954, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina and North Carolina were hit by three major hurricanes – Carol, Edna and Hazel.

Hurricane Carol produced a 15 foot storm surge in Connecticut.

By contrast, it has now been eight years since any state was hit by a major hurricane – the longest such period since the Civil War.

People who blame hurricanes on “climate change” have no idea what they are talking about, like the guy who gave the State Of The Union address.

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3 Responses to 1954 : Seven States Were Hit By Major Hurricanes

  1. Dave N says:

    ..then something unusual happens, and they start hunting for a witch to burn. Actually, they’ve already found a witch; they just apply the blame because the witch is evil.

  2. crosspatch says:


    1954 Hurricane Hazel on October 15. Hurricane-force gusts swept the eastern half
    of Maryland. Heavy rains pounded the west. Washington National Airport reported a
    record sustained wind of 78 mph; a gust of 98 mph. Gusts near 100 mph were common
    throughout the Chesapeake Bay region and on the Eastern Shore. Severe flooding
    occurred along the bay and its tidal tributaries. Flash flooding plagued western Maryland,
    where 3-6 inches of rain fell. Generally, less than 2 inches of rain fell in the eastern half
    of the state.


    1954 Hurricane Hazel occurred on October 15. Hazel ranks among the state’s worst
    windstorms. Hurricane gusts lashed most areas. A 98 mph gust was recorded in Wilmington, and
    a 75 mph gust was recorded in Lewes. The National Guard Armory in Dover was destroyed by
    wind. Generally, less than an inch of rain fell throughout the state as Hazel tracked well west.

    And don’t forget Connie and Dianne the very next year in 1955:


  3. Joseph Bastardi says:

    also Ione, as well as a non named cyclone a year after Hazel on the same track with hurricane gusts on the coast

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