Ramming Through A “Solution” To An Unknown Problem

The White House is going full speed to jam through every gun grab they can get away with, based on the mindless Borg mantra “enough is enough.” The only problem is, we have no idea what happened in either Aurora or Sandy Hook.

Apparently there were accomplices in Aurora


Attorneys for Aurora movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes say there is “a great deal” of information about the case that hasn’t been made public and are asking a judge to keep a gag order in place.

Holmes’ lawyers say gag order should remain in theater shooting case – The Denver Post


Aurora police Officer Justin Grizzle stood at the exit door to theater 9. A trail of blood ran along the concrete. A trail of people burst from the door toward him, their screams for help ringing in his ears. And behind him, in a patrol car, sat the man accused of causing the chaos.

Moments earlier, when Grizzle asked a handcuffed James Holmes whether there was anyone else with him, Holmes smiled.  ”Like a smirk,“ Grizzle testified Monday at the first day of the preliminary hearing in the murder case against Holmes.

James Holmes preliminary hearing: Aurora cop recalls, “There was so much blood” – The Denver Post

Apparently there were accomplices in Sandy Hook, possibly with government connections.

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.

Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment | The Newtown Bee

Connecticut State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky has argued that unsealing warrants in the Sandy Hook case might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by disclosing information known only to other “potential suspects.”

Sandy Hook DA cites ‘potential suspects,’ fears witness safety

The official narrative is that Lanza was an angry deranged child, acting alone. The fact that there are other suspects and was another person with a gun at the school,  blows that narrative out of the water.

What problem is Obama trying to solve by confiscating guns from veterans and other law abiding citizens? Why is it so important to rush through gun confiscation before the facts are known? How do you solve a problem before you know what the problem is?

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1 Response to Ramming Through A “Solution” To An Unknown Problem

  1. Robertv says:

    Because more and more people understand that there is something terribly wrong. Just look how they attack your blog Steve. Why do so many people buy a gun? More and more people are mad as hell.

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