Stupid Conspiracy Theorists

Woodward and Bernstein believed that the White House conspired to cover up Watergate.

Every leftie in the country believed that Bush and the neocons conspired about Saddam’s WMD’s.

Now that Obama is president, anyone who questions his background, motivations, or actions – is a conspiracy theorist.

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7 Responses to Stupid Conspiracy Theorists

  1. higley7 says:

    I give Bush a lot of credit for taking the fall on WMDs in Iraq. They located a stockpile of 550 tons of yellowcake uranium and secretly removed it from the country. It was not possible to guard it all, so they quietly took it rather than draw attention to it. Meanwhile, Bush took the heat. Good for him; it was a noble thing to do.

  2. zip adee says:

    Worse than that…those who question this president are also racist.

  3. TomC says:

    I’m sure in ten years, or so, all the IPCC reports will have found their way to that internet black hole. All the dire predictions of catastrophe, the quotes from the climate scientists, the lectures from the experts, will all be gone; ungoogleable.

  4. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Saddam’s chemical weapons are now in Syria and Lebanon. They were moved in the days, weeks and months before the “shock and awe” campaign. “Shalom,” “shalom,” when there is no “shalom.” This seems fitting for those of us who love not only truth, prosperity and the blessings from above, but the continued non-Malthusian existence of an entire race, through whom those blessings originated to our Western world: Psalm 122:6

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