Don’t Give Feinstein A Pair Of Scissors

Hours after the Sandy Hook shooting, Feinstein introduced a bill to effectively end the Second Amendment.

Three months later, we still don’t know what happened inside that school, who were the people behind it, or what their motivations were. We do know that there are suspects at large who are being investigated by the Connecticut AG. We do know that there was an armed SWAT team member outside the school during the shooting.

How do you fix a problem before you know what the problem is? Feinstein’s solution to an unwanted pregnancy would be to castrate every male in the city.

How do we know that the shooting wasn’t the work of people in support of Feinstein’s gun confiscation goals? If that is the case, every American should be exercising their Constitutional rights to protect their children.

The people trying to destroy the constitution are exceptionally evil, and we need to stop them. Call up your congressman today.


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7 Responses to Don’t Give Feinstein A Pair Of Scissors

  1. WillR says:

    Feinstein’s solution to an unwanted pregnancy would be to castrate every male in the city.

    Is that why they keep talking about scissors?

  2. gator69 says:

    Dylan Klebold was against conceal and carry, and had written his state legislators. He was especially upset over the provision that would allow C&C on campus.

  3. I’ve said before that even I can’t believe that this administration is so thoroughly evil that it is directly behind the rash of shootings, but it’s almost as hard to believe it is nothing but coincidence. What’s left in the twilight zone between coincidence and conspiracy? I don’t know.

    Whatever the cause, though, they are certainly vigilant in letting no good tragedy go to waste.

  4. higley7 says:

    Even without the 2nd Amendment, which BTW is supported by the 3rd and 4th Amendments, we have the right to life and liberty, both of which include the ability of self-defense and the defense of those around us.

    In the 3rd Amendment, how can we stop the government from quartering troops in our homes unless we can mount an adequate self-defense?

    In the 4th Amendment, how can one stop unwarranted search and seizure if an adequate self-defense cannot be mounted?

    There is no law they can pass which can remove these rights without amending the Constitution.

  5. higley7 says:

    Remember that the libtard credo is that “the ends justify the means.” They will sacrifice the individual for the good of the mob that supports them.

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