Heidi Channel Fraudsters At Work

Climate Central cherry picked the coldest start date of 1970, in order to make a fraudulent claim that US winters are warming.

ScreenHunter_40 Feb. 23 10.04

Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends | Climate Central

US winter temperatures have been on the decline since 1920.

ScreenHunter_39 Feb. 23 10.03


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10 Responses to Heidi Channel Fraudsters At Work

  1. Joseph Bastardi says:

    Absolute fraud. We were at the cumulative cold point of the PDO and AMO, much like the warmest point of the combined ( the state at which the atmosphere had to adjust to the warming ocean) was in the mid 90s So here are the physical reasons MS cullen. When you have cooled the tropical oceans in a combination the decrease of the input of energy from that leads to a cooling….. just like when the pdo flipped to warm in the late 70s, the response started THAT WE COULD FOR THE 1ST TIME measure objectively. This continued till the air warmed enough in response to the PDO and then the AMO. The leveling off and now the fall in global temps while co2 is rising can be seen to any rational, objective, person here

    That you actually think you can get away this, shows either ignorance or deceit. The global temps are a textbook response to natural oceanic climate cycle theory, and my suggestion is that you read Bill Grays ideas on the thermohaline circulation and the affect on the oceans. Since the oceans have 1000 times the heat capacity of the air, and co2 is 1/400th of the GHG, the most prominent being water vapor, the exchange between the oceans and the atmosphere is what drives the planets weather and climate. You cant run from facts, and picking a low point that is supported by natural theory shows what you are about.

    Anytime you wish to debate me on the matters of the weather and climate and the major forcing as well as the history of the extreme weather events you wish to ignore, my brother lives near Princeton. Ask the university to sponsor us and we will see what you know.. or apparently, what you dont.

    And you can bring your new protege, Bernadette Woods, with you. In fact get any 5 you want, I will get a few of my friends and we will see who knows what

    I am tired of this drivel and distortion from these people.

  2. Andy DC says:

    When you start at the coldest point of the last 100 years and then “adjust” temperature trends in a strongly warm biased fashion, it is not that hard to show warming!

    Ordinary people see these manufactured charts over and over and don’t look at actual temperature records. It is thus easy for a media birdbrain like Heidi to deceive them.

  3. Rosco says:

    Why is a slight increase in winter temperatures a bad thing ?

    Also, if even true, it is conceivably due to increasing urbanisation – where temperatures are measured – and nothing to do with real temperature increases. Everyone knows it is always warmer at night in the city than out in the farms or forests.

    • Harry Van Twistern says:

      It’s my contention this is exactly why there is a significant difference in the rapid nighttime “warming” in the Southern Hemisphere and the slower trend in the Northern Hemisphere. Cities in the Third World countries that dominate the Southern Hemisphere are expanding past the thermometer sites faster.

  4. gator69 says:

    Bogus! Everyone knows climate began in 1979.

  5. Harry Van Twistern says:

    Yup, the fraud continues. The GW fanatics better be warned though: Lies get people killed. When you’ve got governments planning for warming (including in allocating for farm aid, energy production, snow removal, flood control, and so on) and what’s actually going on is cooling, you can end up massively mis-allocating resources and winding up utterly unprepared for disasters of all kinds… these birds might even cause a massive worldwide famine.

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