No Hesitation – No Pressure

Bob722 noticed that the mother who is supposed to be shot without hesitation, has the Star Of David on her shorts.

ScreenHunter_44 Feb. 23 11.58

ScreenHunter_47 Feb. 23 16.43

No Pressure


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7 Responses to No Hesitation – No Pressure

  1. littlemills says:

    Did you notice there is a infant boy behind her? This is right out of the Goebbels playbook with a touch of 1984 and Animal Farm thrown in. Is this stuff for real ? Or is some government agency baiting us?

  2. daveburton says:

    Okay, that’s proof that some people are enviro-wacko/kill-the-children nutjobs, and I do realize that we elected a enviro-wacko/kill-the-children nutjob as President, but there’s still no evidence that DHS is buying posters like this one (let alone “millions of dollars” worth), or using such things to train/desensitize anyone.

  3. Bob722 says:

    I guess this video with the company spokesperson is not good enough for you Dave….

  4. Bob Koss says:

    I didn’t see any targets wearing these.

    Everyone should buy some to increase the likelihood of them hesitating.

  5. LOL in Oregon says:

    Hey Steve,
    Here is a picture of dangerous desperados that DHS must go after!!
    Oh save us DHS! Save us from those Portland Comic Com folk!

    LOL in Oregon

  6. Duby says:

    I saw that video about a year ago–it would be great for congress

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