1974 : NCAR Blamed Bad Weather On Excess Sea Ice

In 1974, NCAR said bad weather was due to excess sea ice. NCAR now says that bad weather is due to missing sea ice.

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2 Responses to 1974 : NCAR Blamed Bad Weather On Excess Sea Ice

  1. tckev says:

    That’s because the drycold of today is caused by the excessive arctic warmcold that has melted the sea and sea-ice sending cold dry and wet warm air masses south to the northern areas thus giving us an unprecedented droughtcoldwetwarm-snow times that our children could only dream of.

  2. chris y says:

    Harvard trained astronomer Walter Orr Roberts helped to create and secure funding for NCAR. In 1984 he wrote ”The Cold and the Dark,” with Paul R. Ehrlich, Carl Sagan and Donald Kennedy.

    Another pearl-clutching astronomer. Ugh.

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