Climate Vatican Rules That These Scrolls Must Be Destroyed!

Sandy has become a deeply important religious icon for the climate faithful, and it is very important that they not be exposed to information about the 1821 hurricane. Avert your eyes now!

In 1821, stunned colonial New Yorkers recorded sea levels rising as fast as 13 feet in a single hour at the Battery. The East River and Hudson Rivers merged over Lower Manhattan all the way to Canal Street. According to Coch, the fact that the 1821 storm struck at low tide “is the only thing that saved the city.”


If the faithful were to learn that New York has had worse storms in the past, it could lead to them falling away – and might even make them quit acting like complete idiots.

That is why Huffington Post had to delete my comment when I posted it last week. Telling the truth is firmly against Huffington Post’s TOU.

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10 Responses to Climate Vatican Rules That These Scrolls Must Be Destroyed!

  1. Duby says:

    F#@$$ the huff po and all the freaks there

  2. nigelf says:

    Facts are deadly to this crowd but it’s great that you posted this so we can all see the deception going on there (and at most warmist blogs).

  3. Justa Joe says:

    Give the leftard something to hate, and they’ll latch on and won’t let go with greater single minded tenacity than a champion American Pit Bull Terrier. These guys make the worst so-called “red baiter” seem down right laid back.

  4. Michael D Smith says:

    I used to be able to post anything I wanted over there. I now have similar experiences. Presenting facts (warmist baiting) is such great fun. It’s a good thing to do, I honestly think many of them have simply never seen anything approaching the truth.

    • nigelf says:

      Michael D Smith, I think they know the truth but it would be hazardous for them and their lies if people who read that blog started looking into things themselves.
      After all, I never questioned “the science” for a few years until I heard someone else state something that went against everything I had heard and read. I went online with the purpose of debunking him and soon found out I had been lied to all along by the warmists.

  5. Jon von Briesen says:

    “colonial New Yorkers …” in 1821? I gotta get back to school.

  6. nuttinbutdafax says:

    lookin at that golf in phoenix we must already be in the next ice age.

  7. I don’t know what Huffington Post’s TOU is, but they certainly don’t seem seem to be interested in learning about history or in looking for the truth of matters.

  8. Mike says:

    The Church of Climatology must be preserved, no matter the cost. Climate Eschatology has been practiced by various religious groups & sects for thousands of years. Climate scientists, taking up the cause, are not the first to discover the rewards associated with climate catastrophe, it’s just that they have learned how to abuse it more than any other religious group.

  9. Andy Oz says:

    Perhaps Romm, Hansen et al should follow Benedict and resign before the Vatican investigation starts into their record of climate abuse. When the public awareness of abuse reaches critical mass, the public demand justice and those guys don’t want to be around when that starts. They’ll probably move to Venezuela.

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