Wikipedia : Hiding The Incline

The 1990 IPCC Report showed a two million km² increase in Arctic ice during the five years prior to 1979. This was based on Nimbus satellite data.

ScreenHunter_96 Feb. 24 05.47

ScreenHunter_97 Feb. 24 05.50

First IPCC report

For some reason, Wikipedia seem to have missed this huge gain in ice.

ScreenHunter_100 Feb. 24 05.56

File:Seaice-1870-part-2009.png – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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2 Responses to Wikipedia : Hiding The Incline

  1. rollsthepaul says:

    Just another reason to ignore Wikipedia. It’s part of the propaganda machine.

  2. Ockham says:

    What would be interesting is to see where the ‘average’ line would be on the NSIDC, Nansen and JAXA graphs, if 1975 to 1979 were included in the average.

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