Fear And Blame

Remember Hope And Change? That was just a decoy – the real strategy is Fear and Blame.

Hurricanes and all other weather events are now Republicans and Libertarians fault. Psychotic killers are also Republicans and Libertarians fault. These are called national security issues, in an effort to make dissent illegal. Same strategy used in all Communist countries.

We can still stop this from happening, but it will require that the Republican leadership in Congress quit being a bunch of pussies.

We need actual leaders like Dr. Benjamin Carson, who are intelligent enough and unafraid to speak the truth.


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2 Responses to Fear And Blame

  1. I. Lou Minotti says:

    If there’s one thing any good “red progressive” understands as the most powerful tool to forward his agenda, it’s would be the imposition of guilt. Guilt, whether true or contrived, is a cruel master, and those we truly need to watch out for have honed their skills at applying it.

  2. tckev says:

    Fear and blame is the easiest way of controlling people, that is until they realize they’ve been had. Hopefully that realization is happening, and a popular rebuff to the administration’s planned ‘reforms’ will ensue. But hope is not a strategy but these messages of truth are.

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