UK Starting To Turn From The Dark Side

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I was wrong about the Climate Change Act

My biggest regret as an MP is that I failed to oppose the 2008 Climate Change Act. It was a mistake. I am sorry.

On the very day the Labour government passed this fatuous attempt to “stop global warming”, it was, if I remember rightly, snowing. Had I opposed the Bill, it wouldn’t have made much difference, but I feel I should have known better.

Unlike much of the gesture legislation that goes through Parliament, this law has turned out to have real consequences.  The Climate Change Act has pushed up energy prices, squeezing households and making economic recovery ever more elusive.

The aim of the Climate Change Act was to create a low carbon economy. I fear the Act will do that, but perhaps not the way intended. The Climate Change Act is giving us a low carbon economy the way that pre-industrial Britain had a low carbon economy.

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h/t to Principia Scientific Intl – Principia Scientific Intl

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7 Responses to UK Starting To Turn From The Dark Side

  1. gator69 says:

    Hard to get freedoms back, once abandoned. Fools rush in.

  2. Keitho says:

    The trouble with Carswell, and many others in Parliament, is that he made a decision based on incomplete and deceptive information. As Climategate shows us , the gatekeepers were able to prevent much of society from seeing all of the evidence, the arguments and the doubts in the science community.

    The help given to the ‘under-information” cause given by the BBC and its own 28gate didn’t help either.

    These politicians need to make sure that systems exist that ensure they get complete and accurate scientific information and such systems are currently non-existent or broken. All that said there are still some mega dimwits in positions of power and authority thanks to a largely under informed voting public.

  3. Eco-geek says:

    I quote:

    The Climate Change Act is giving us a low carbon economy the way that pre-industrial Britain had a low carbon economy.

    Yes. That is the green philosophy. The master plan. End industry and development. Re-introduce the Dark Ages. Engineer population collapses. End Real Science. Create a new anti-democratic global stateism. Lie, cheat and steal.

    One might almost think the Bankers were behind it all……

  4. Mike says:

    The UK energy crisis is much bigger than the financial crisis that just cost it it’s AAA rating.

    The desired CRU effect has already kicked in, the UK now has plenty of useless wind turbines, pre-industrial times are around the corner:

    Lots of coal power stations to close in the next few years, nuke generation plants are nearing end of life. The only hope for the UK is the inter connector with France, let’s hope the French come to their rescue, but that option is not going to be cheap or stable.

    Successive UK governments have made their beds with alternative energy, a bit like the government choosing alternative health for the NHS, instead of traditional medicine. Luckily though they have started to divest of energy intensive industries exporting them abroad, like steel manufacturing. The car assembly plants will be next.

  5. Mick J says:

    Sadly this is a very small chink in the armour of the “green” defences. This article here outlines the folly and exploitation by our political classes, the table (quarter way down) of who gets to see the senior ministers reveals how the alarmists get direct access to ministers while others are shunted down the stairs to other staff.

    This blog give another example of who is calling the shots and the degree of detachment from the real world enjoyed by these people. The prospect of government simply working to provide accessible energy to the people is a long forgotten objective, now it is just one more exercise in herding the people and what means can be found to do it. Some of the poster comments there give further details as to who gets to influence decisions.

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