Greenland Meltdown Update

Remember when 97% of Greenland melted last summer?

Temperatures in the interior of the ice sheet have averaged -29C over the past year, and there have been zero days with a mean temperature above freezing

ScreenHunter_150 Feb. 25 20.06


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2 Responses to Greenland Meltdown Update

  1. Andy Oz says:

    This is another beauty from Jason Box’s blog. Apparently there is a scientific study called “The Dark Snow Project”. Steve may have mentioned it previously. They’re looking for money to study the impact of “wildfire ash on Greenland ice cap melt rates”. These days anything sounds plausible.

    I’m betting Hollywood will make a movie about it called “Below Zero Dark Snow”. Oscar winner for sure!

  2. miguelelmagnifico says:

    I heard Ben Affleck is considering an absolutely true script (honest Injun) called “Snowgo.” Michele Obama is already planning a new gown to present his Oscar.

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