Times … They Are A Changing


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The Arctic has locked into a persistent cold pattern, unlike anything I have seen for years.


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8 Responses to Times … They Are A Changing

  1. Jourtegrity says:

    Global warming, obviously.

  2. Michael D Smith says:

    Nope… Did you see that little red spot? That’s where Hansen is going to put his arctic thermometer. Problem solved.

    • Does he have a thermometer in the Arctic now?

      • kirkmyers says:

        I believe the NOAA and NASA shamans, er “scientists,” conjure up most of their arctic readings through interpolation and homogenization. It’s a complex and creative process that conveniently produces a warming signal in the arctic. Of course, ice formation doesn’t always cooperate with their readings, which have been cooked up from non-existent temperature gauges.

  3. phodges says:

    Don’t worry, everytime Hansen runs his algorithm it will warm up.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Swedish babies love snow and very cold weather. Mothers leave their babies out in temps well below zero deg C.


  5. tckev says:

    It’s just dry ice. 😀

  6. Curt says:

    In the past, when Arctic temperatures have been significantly below average coming into spring, many seal pups don’t make it because it is too cold. This means that many polar bears don’t make it either, due to lack of food. If it happens this year, I’m sure it will be blamed on warming and lack of sea ice.

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