Another Cold Month Ahead For The UK

Month ahead – February 24, 2013 Valid from 1/03 to 31/03 2013

Cold set to continue Issued: Saturday 23rd February 2013

Cold weather continuing  and the risk of some snow  After the wet weather of the winter it is good news to find that high pressure is expected t dominate through March. This brings plenty of dry weather over all part of the country. It is likely to be cold at first with the winds from the east, and the likelihood is that the middle of the month may become colder, before we see a rise of temperature towards the end of March.

valid from 1/03 to 31/03 2013 – cold set to continue united kingdom – month ahead


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2 Responses to Another Cold Month Ahead For The UK

  1. Chewer says:

    And late summer is a tad cool.
    Now in Vostok Antartica
    Blowing Snow
    -61 °F
    Feels Like -61 °F

  2. OMG – it’s worse than we thought!

    Can we please have some carbon taxes now?

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