Buried Under 19 Inches Of Snow Means Exceptional Drought

ScreenHunter_204 Feb. 28 06.34

US Drought Monitor

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6 Responses to Buried Under 19 Inches Of Snow Means Exceptional Drought

  1. Andy DC says:

    Very odd. Wichita had its snowiest February on record, over 20″, yet they are having an extreme drought. A dreaded unprecedented droughtflood may be just around the corner when heavy rains combine with melting snow.

  2. rick says:

    I had the same thought the other day …. the wild ass claims of drought won’t stop until the media shows folks on their roof tops surrounded by flood waters and then the extreme weather claims will switch to flooding rain storms. Did anyone notice the day that weather died and climate change took over?

  3. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    1. Create panic over a non drought drought.

    2. Use it to protect your budget in the Sequester Times.

    Snivel Servants, especially ones pushing the Eco Greenie global warming scam, know where the rice for their bowls comes from.

  4. Billy Liar says:

    Well, 19″ of snow is less than 2″ of water equivalent and while it’s still snow it can’t help with moisture levels in the soil.

    Maybe that’s the theory?

  5. crosspatch says:

    Yeah. 19-20 inches of snow is not really that much water but it will depend on how it melts. If you get warm, fair days and it gradually melts and percolates into the soil, it has more impact than 2 inches of rain. If the ground is frozen under it and a warm rain comes along and melts it all, It all runs off and does no good. We just have to wait and see how it plays out.

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