More Censorship At Huffington Post

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Steven Goddard: The news from Woodward is very disturbing. Why are you

My comment was censored. The Obama police/propaganda state is completely out of control.

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23 Responses to More Censorship At Huffington Post

  1. cowpoke says:

    Good Idea, I never thought of screen shots to trap the censor police.

    • Screencaptures are critical. For my screencaps of a so-called skeptic censoring out my comments, see this link, click on the ‘tinypic’ links, then right-click to get the “view image” option, which gives you better close-up views:

    • NikFromNYC says:

      Indeed, adding these *visual* items to your variations-on-a-theme output is brilliant, much more so than a typical long-winded textual rant about it, which you already avoid. It’s too bad other readers can’t post images instead of just videos except as links, here.

      The most amazingly juvenile strategy I encountered on such front lines was a dozen or two true believer activists not only hurling insults to try to trip me up but simply their act of serially reporting my every comment as abuse in successful campaigns to have my user name banned. Their site even has a Flag button for the kids to treat debate as a monster-zapping video game.

  2. Nerd says:

    I never go there for that reason.

  3. kirkmyers says:

    The Huffington Post is a joke. All the violations of the Constitution they criticized Bush for, the Huffpoites now defend when Obama engages in the same assaults on our most cherished liberties. And they dare call themselves “progressives.”

    What’s so progressive about a president who defends torture, murders U.S. citizens without due process, launches wars (see Libya) without congressional authorization, claims the power to detain and imprison citizens indefinitely without charge or trial (see NDAA), and issues executive orders designed to gut the Second Amendment and instructs an out-of-control EPA to shut down our nation’s coal-fired power plants?

    The Huffington Post apparently relishes its role as a partisan left-wing broadsheet. Opposing opinions are treated like leprosy.

  4. mkelly says:

    I thought Woodard said it was during a phone call he was told “you will regret this” not an email per the Huffo post statement.

  5. squid2112 says:

    Seriously? Why would anyone bother with HufPo? Getting your news from HufPo is like getting your climate from SkS…. what’s the point?

  6. CheshireRed says:

    It’s just the same over here in the UK with the Guardian. They’re quite relaxed about posters using the F and even C word (!) on some below the line threads, especially if it is an adult-themed article. However as soon as you wander over to the Guardian’s ‘Environment’ section and start posting on a climate thread, well it’s wall to wall moderation. Check out George Monbiot’s defence of activists closing a power station for several days and you’ll see what I mean.

  7. HuffPo is a good opportunity to post facts. It’s like having a truckload of kryptonite to those people, and it’s fun to watch them squirm…

    Steve, your post is up…

  8. nuttinbutdafax says:

    speakin’ of da fax, how many done been banned from denier sites like dis un.

  9. slimething says:

    An extension called Zotero for Firefox saves the entire page as an attachment.

  10. Traitor in Chief says:

    If the service provider of your email is AOL, they follow up the censorship with a threat to shut down your email for being “mean” and saying things they don’t want to accept. I have email accounts at several service providers because none can be trusted now that the progtards have purchased every forum.

  11. daveburton says:

    Huffington Post is censoring me, too, Steve.

    They ran an article by John Celock slamming Republican NC State Senator Tommy Tucker, who had snapped at a newspaper publisher who interrupted a Senate committee meeting. The Celock article picked up a talking points from the NC State Democratic Party, and the Huffington Post allowed a chorus of nasty reader comments about Sen. Tucker. But they just delete my comments defending him.

    My comments don’t even appear. They’re initially flagged with an extra sentence at the beginning, “This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved,” and then they just disappear entirely.

    This was my first attempt at posting a comment:

    I don’t blame Sen. Tucker for being offended, though he obviously could have been more tactful.

    Newspaper publishers want to continue REQUIRING local governments to buy classified ads in their publications, that nobody reads. Oink, oink, oink… that pig-trough is YOUR wallet, folks, and this behavior by the newspaper publishers is deeply offensive.

    The NC Dems support for the newspapers’ demand to continue this waste is just as offensive. Do you suppose the fact that nearly all the big newspapers slavishly support the Democrats has anything to do with the Dems’ efforts to force local communities to continue to waste citizens’ tax money on obsolete newspaper ads? It’s the culture of corruption, with Democrat politicians and rich, left-wing newspaper publishers conspiring to lighten YOUR wallet.

    The link now goes to a screen that says, “This comment has been removed. Most comments are removed because of an attack or insult on another user or public figure. Please see the guidelines here if you’re not sure why this comment was removed.” But a chorus of attacks on Tucker, many of them much more harsh than that, remain.

    Here’s the link to where (the latest of several versions of) my comment would be, if they were to approve it. Here’s a screen shot of my comment, immediately after I posted it. Currently the link goes to a page that says, “This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved.”

  12. Ray says:

    Whenever I mention the name “Obama” or criticize the president in any way in a comment post – HuffPost censors it.

  13. Mark Rist says:

    I am a liberal and they are terribly biased in what they allow to be posted. If you say anything critical of them or the press they censor you. I tried to say in a nice way that they were over-the-top and they censored that. Any good Literature of the like Emerson would be thrown out. It sucks.

  14. Mark Rist says:

    I did some research on corporate censorship because attacking and shutting down my computer repeatedly occurred whenever I posted criticism of the corporate press and how it seems to work to keep people fighting each other over left right issues to distract them from what our leaders we doing or not doing on both sides of the isle of congress. I found this from the Monterey Press: This is the golden key folks>
    Cut and past it to your address bar.

  15. Kent Livingston says:

    I have left 3 comments criticizing the Third Metric conference. No “bad words”, just comments on how the participants are 1%’ers, real issues not addressed, etc. For some one championing social justice this is wrong.

  16. Bob says:

    What the heck is going on with Huffington Post !! I am a super user and now no matter how I try to get in, I cant comment. It is totally ridiculous to have to give your phone number to be verified. That is just inviting trouble and identity theft. I hate face book and that is a most definitely growing trend, so I refuse to have a face book account, I do have a yahoo account which I have used many times in the past with no problems and now I cant even use my own yahoo account. I guess its bye bye to Huffington Post as we know it unless it backs off. Censorship is the desert of the decade that Huffington Post is dishing out. Perhaps it should re-evaluate their stance and let people say what they need to say about the “topic at hand.” Huffington Post can not employee enough people to moderate such broad and or very specific topics. Its to costly and economically not practical. We have a growing population and unless Huffington Post can some how magically develope software that recongizes a user that is not sticking to the topic at hand let me know and I will invest a million dollars.

    • Bob says:

      PS. I do not go by Bob, it is which I have gone by for years., why can I not continue that with Huffington Post. You folks made some sort of major boo boo with all this verification issues. I do like and respect Huffington Post, but if you folks are going to dig a hole for yourselves you may end up loosing many valuable follwers. Perhaps try another approach for verification, the way I have been doing it seem to work for us both. There is no perfect way.

    • Mark Rist says:

      Huffington post is another entity that owns the Corporate States of America through lobbyists and cash payments. Because they are a private concern, they can do whatever they want – this is true. However, what people don’t realize is that the press are also the government since they (and others) bought and continue to buy the government. Since the private concerns are all now the owners and operators of the same Corporate States of America, they can run a propaganda machine and have censorship of competing ideas. This has to be said and disseminated throughout our citizenry until everyone understands how serious it is.

  17. zebrabrie says:

    I tried posting over the weekend on the Bergdahl articles. Replying he’s not a hero but a deserter. Nothing profane just not agreeing with their assessment. Not a one made it through their “moderation”. I’m done anyway now that it’s all through Facebook. It’s a ghost town in commentsville.

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