Obama Plans Another $2 Billion In Solyndra Style Boondoggles

Obama is proposing to use $2 billion in revenue from oil and gas development to transition cars from fossil fuels.

Obama to Tackle Climate Change Soon, Advisor Says – Bloomberg

‘You (Obama) Don’t Just Pick The Winners And Losers, You Pick The Losers’

– Mitt Romney

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4 Responses to Obama Plans Another $2 Billion In Solyndra Style Boondoggles

  1. squid2112 says:

    Yeah, just toss away another $2 billion towards shit programs that the government has absolutely no business being engaged in. It’s easy, it’s not his money!

    Message to the Traitor In Chief:
    Quit throwing my money away or I will quit sending it to you!

  2. gator69 says:

    From suyts space…

    “Bankrupt Abound Solar didn’t just leave taxpayers holding the bag. They also left a mess.

    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said Abound Solar is storing thousands of “unsellable” solar panels and gallons of toxic liquids at sites in Colorado, the Denver Post reports.

    The panels were made using cadmium, a once-cheaper alternative to standard silicon cells. But cadmium, according to federal health agencies, is a toxic substance and carcinogen.

    Abound stopped recycling the unusable panels in February 2012, citing budget constraints, the bankruptcy trustee said.”


    Where is Josh Fox?

  3. We’re sure going to need all those green jobs after sequestration takes away 117 million jobs:

    Notice how all of the rest of the people in the frame react. 100% clueless.

  4. Here’s a crazy idea. Invent technology that people actually want and can afford. Companies will then sell it and make money. Here’s the crazy part: those companies will be profitable right away.

    Alternatively, you can do it the US government way. Invest in companies that sell technology that people don’t want or can’t afford, and live in hope that eventually better technology will be invented.

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