Will Yale Censor My Comment?

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AAAS Panelists: Sandy a ‘Game-changer’ for Public Perceptions | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media


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12 Responses to Will Yale Censor My Comment?

  1. gofer says:

    “Several scientists in the audience asked for suggestions about how best to explain the connections between climate change and storms, without over-emphasizing uncertainty. McCarthy and Field both said it is time to make clear that weather events are taking place within an altered climate system. “We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and crystallize the things that are understood and not understood,” Field responded.”

    Don’t let them know we have no idea what we are talking about.

  2. Andy DC says:

    These alarmists think Sandy was a godsend and a game changer. You can’t let a little historical evidence get in the way of that.

  3. daveburton says:

    The Yale Climate Forum is strictly censored to prevent expression of dissenting opinions and inconvenient information. A year ago, when they were spreading blatant lies about the NC Sea Level bill, I tried in vain to set the record straight, but they just delete my messages.

  4. papiertigre says:

    somebody approved it. Let’s see… the time is 8:27 PM Pacific

  5. The AAAS has been among the high priests of scientific dogma (consensus), and suppression of any criticism of their dogma, for as long as I have been aware of them (from back in the early ’80’s). I might go so far as to say they have been the prototype for many other “authoritative” institutions that have been clearly suborned by the climate consensus in the last, say, 13 years or so.

    • gator69 says:

      High priests is exactly right Harry. This is no different than a preacher warning New Orleans to stop sinning before Katrina, and then saying afterward, ‘I told you so’.

  6. jimash1 says:

    There is a forum on which I hang.
    It is full of foools. ( sic)
    When I opined that “Sandy” was weather and not climate, some fool who has never been to the Jersey shore ( or is a liar) posted this.

    And implied that the water had risen and that my arguments were negated by the sea claiming the roller coaster.
    I gave up because they are stupid.
    Damn thing was always over the water. That is the point of the piers in the first place.

    • papiertigre says:

      Ain’t it always the way. All claims of global warming alarmists come with an open ended expiration date which is incumbent upon us to point out.

      Why don’t you go back, and tell them the damn thing was built on a pier? AND not for their sake (personally, I don’t think anybody at this late date pushing the global warming dogma on internet forums is stupid or mentally impared. They are just crooks.)
      The average reader will see who is the dishonest one, given half a chance.

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