Polar Meltdown Update : Global Sea Ice Is 5,000 Manhattans Above Normal

Date        Anomaly    Area        

2013.1589   0.3236561  16.2882099


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15 Responses to Polar Meltdown Update : Global Sea Ice Is 5,000 Manhattans Above Normal

  1. suyts says:

    Lol, well, sure that’s one way of putting it! 😀 Brevity, there’s no replacing it’s effectiveness. I went through much more bother saying the same thing.

  2. Aldous says:

    Unfortunately, in a changing climate this is exactly the kind of thing we can expect.

    • It was a relatively nice summer given the fact that the previous year’s was so cold and wet. Sometimes you get lucky.

      • oldfossil says:

        I remember 1972, my first visit to Oz, and in Melbourne the temperature was 80C or above every day for the late autumn month of May. I don’t believe that this has been repeated since, even though 1972 was right in the middle of the “mini Ice age.”

  3. elcrustace says:

    Hi Steve,

    NSIDC displays a 15.6 million km2 february mean for 1979-2000 range. I downloaded their data, excluded months where there were less than 14 days recorded and computed these datas : I got a 15.47 million km2 mean for this period.

    I got a bigger difference for january, they displayed 15.1 million km2 and I got 14.63.

    I think they artificially enlarge past ice sheet extent so the present one appears smaller.

    Can you confirm my results ?


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