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Borg Alert : Bicycling Destroys The Climate

Climate alarmists again prove that they are imbeciles, completely insane, and a threat to civil society A state representative in Washington has drawn the ire of cyclists everywhere with recent comments he made regarding the sport. In an e-mail to a Tacoma, … Continue reading

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The New Holocaust Deniers

Climate alarmists would argue that the historical record of the Holocaust is anecdotal and was not peer-reviewed. They would say that old newspaper references and photographs from a Google search are not valid. They would say that there never was an ice … Continue reading

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MSM Emerging From The Brain Death Grave?

Is the press corps getting some balls (to put it crudely but graphically)? Are they finally prepared to challenge the President’s untruthful assertions on facts that are crucial to understanding policy? None other than NBC’s David Gregory today pressed Obama’s … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Obama (who says “the problem is that he is not the emperor“) has purchased 2,700 tanks, 7,000 fully automatic rifles, and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, for use inside the US and under his command. Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to … Continue reading

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More Permanent Drought Devastation In Colorado

Only 25 feet of snow so far this winter, with another foot expected today. Web Cam – Wolf Creek Ski Area

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Early Spring Devastates Japan

Heavy snow that fell in northern Japan over the weekend killed eight people on Hokkaido island, including a family whose car became buried. Snow Kills 8 in Japan, Including Family in Car – ABC News .Just like the IPCC predicted  … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget : Eric Holder Was A Key Co-Conspirator In Bill Clinton’s Criminal Activity

June 4, 2008 The last time Washington attorney Eric Holder participated in a high-profile vetting, it was for fugitive financier Marc Rich. The episode in 2001 became the final scandal of the Clinton administration and landed Holder, at the time … Continue reading

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No History Allowed : Only Models And Morons

Check out this exchange between a rational human being and a member of the climate Borg who believes in cylindrical air patterns. Extreme weather makeover: Has abnormal become the new normal? – KansasCity.com It sounds like Floyd Cash is a first rate douche … Continue reading

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A Special Thanks To The Press Corps

Thank you CNN, MSNBC, and most of the other news networks – for shirking your obligations, corrupting the election process, and making sure that we have four more years of a dangerous incompetent nutcase in the White House. An extra special thanks … Continue reading

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Obama Fires Americans – Gives $250 Million To Egypt

CAIRO (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday rewarded Egypt for President Mohammed Morsi’s pledges of political and economic reforms by releasing $250 million in American aid to support the country’s “future as a democracy.” News from … Continue reading

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