Suggestion For The New York Times

The New York Times just killed their green blog, because no one wants to read bullshit.

The most popular blogs are the skeptic blogs, because people want to hear the truth. If NYT wants to gain readership, a good idea would be to fire their staff, drop the left wing agenda – and stop  lying to people.


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11 Responses to Suggestion For The New York Times

  1. gator69 says:

    Works for FOX!

    “For the 11th consecutive year, Fox News Channel has won the cable news network war. The News Corp-owned channel finished No. 1 in primetime total viewers this election year with an average of 2.071 million, according to Nielsen data released today, an 11% rise over 2011. However, all of the cable news networks were down in primetime viewership from the 2008 election. FNC pulled in an average of 2.1 million four years ago and MSNBC drew 920,000.”

    • Andy DC says:

      Fox has cornered the market for conservative viewers. The liberal stations are larger in number thus divide their share of the pie.

      • gator69 says:

        What is your point?

      • gator69 says:

        And it is not an animal, it is ‘FOX’, not Fox.

      • The only reason there are a lot of progressives viewers is because of the propaganda they are being fed. Progressivism is a disease which can be cured.

      • Latitude says:

        Andy, I watch CNN…and watch MSNBC to get Sharpton..he’s the best comedy show on the air!

      • chris y says:

        Andy DC has just explained why Skeptical Science withdrew from the Bloggie Awards. Since the other 4 finalists were all climate science blogs, they would naturally split the denier votes, and as a result Skeptical Science would win.

        Oh, wait…

      • philjourdan says:

        Actually that is false. While many liberals do split their viewing time, most of the viewers of the other majors are simply casual news consumers. They do not realize they are being fed propaganda instead of news.

        That is why Fox grew. As casual consumers became quality consumers, they looked for a quality product. While most of the viewers of Fox are conservative, they do not have a monopoly on conservative viewers, nor are conservative viewers only watching Fox.

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    Cliff Notes: “rethinking my devotion / baffling decision / insult our intelligence / climate change deniers / public responsibility / terrible decision / incredibly bad decision / time is running out on us / THE FATE OF OUR PLANET / simple travesty / destruction of life / this stinks / a sad day / survival of the planet / shameful / loss of signal / wrong and shortsighted / shame on you / cancel my subscription / very terrible / horrible decision / value of my subscription / unwelcome development / 7 billion humans / dissapointed and puzzled / greatest catsrophe humankind has ever faced / sucicidal denial / i could cry / greatest challenge confronting us right now, perhaps in mankind’s history / shaking my head / highly unfortunate / lying to its readers / should be ashamed / this is crazy / the premier issue of our time / makes no sense / an outrage / mind-blowingly myopic / living beyond its mieans / oceans healing? / critical to world health / very very sad / big mistake / real travesty / absolutely insane”

  3. tckev says:

    Remake as a ‘Hot Rod and Gun Sport’ blog, with a daily dose of satire/joke at the AGW, climate change,chicken little crowd.

  4. Edward. says:

    Tell the truth – some politicians don’t know which way is up [in anything] but in so far as the science of CAGW is concerned, indeed a bit more truth and a lot less of the lies and spin – I am tired of the UK/ global warming/climate change BS.
    How’s about this?

    Way to go Steve, a long ways but the truth cannot be denied.

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