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Polar Balance Achieved!

Both of Earth’s large ice sheets are running about one hundred degrees below the freezing point this week. Hansen’s 350 ppm has been violated, and the meltdown is worse than it seems. Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground Weather Forecast … Continue reading

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Five Years Later, Hansen Proves Again That He Is An idiot

Hansen (et al) must read: Get back to 350 ppm or risk an ice-free planet | ThinkProgress Five years later we are up to almost 400 ppm, and Antarctic sea ice has steadily increased to record levels. Hansen talks constantly and has absolutely no … Continue reading

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Time For A Team Huddle!

Team climate moron is complaining about soaring CO2, at the same time they are saying that there has been no warming for 10+ years. They might want to think through the implications of that to their religion. Twitter / borenbears: … Continue reading

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Civilisation Is A Thing Of The Past In The UK

U.K. stores of natural gas, pushed to record lows by a dearth of tanker imports, will be exhausted in about two weeks unless temperatures rise, reducing demand for the heating fuel. inventories at Rough, the U.K.’s largest gas-storage facility, are … Continue reading

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Sir Alex Outraged That The Ref Wouldn’t Cheat For Him


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Permanent Drought Update

Last week the experts told us the corn/wheat belt drought was going to get worse. It appears that flooding is more likely than drought. 10-Day Precipitation Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Hansen Says All Coastal Cities Are Going To Drown In 80 Feet Of Water

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