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Obama Caught Lying Again : “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns”

“I don’t believe people should be able to own guns,” Obama told Lott one day at the University of Chicago Law School. Lott explains that he first met Obama shortly after completing his research on concealed handgun laws and crime. … Continue reading

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Another Foot Of Permanent Drought Coming To Colorado This Weekend

So much for my kid’s first soccer game on Saturday. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie This will be about our tenth snowstorm during the past month. Obama says we are doomed to eternal fire and drought, unless we submit … Continue reading

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Having Saved Guam From Tipping Over, Representative Hank Johnson Now Wants To Rescue The Climate

Rep. Johnson Calls on Congressional Republicans to Act on Climate Change | Congressman Henry Waxman

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Does Al Gore Have Regrets?

All of the top science blogs are skeptic blogs. This makes me wonder if Al Gore regrets having invented the Internet.

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Prediction : Front Page News “No Global Warming For 17 Years”

Peter Gleick (PeterGleick) on Twitter Peter Gleick points out that CO2 has continued to rise, yet temperatures haven’t – thus crushing his scam. He has of course blocked me from responding on twitter.

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Applying Jeff Masters Math To Polar Ice

Global sea ice area has been above normal for 16 days in a row. The odds of this happening randomly are 65536:1 Statistics courtesy of Dr. Jeff Masters

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Originally posted on Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations:
I was visiting family in the Northeast U.S. when Sandy came ashore, so I was without power for most of last week. Since my return home, I’ve been catching up with all…

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Jet Stream Dips Now Blamed On Global Warming

During the 1970s, deep jet stream dips were blamed on global cooling Science News  Scientists are much smarter now, and blame jet stream dips on global warming. Cornell and Rutgers researchers report in the March issue of Oceanography that the … Continue reading

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Global Warming Brings The End Of The World To Florida

“It feels like the end of the world right now,” said Nats pitcher and Miami native Gio Gonzalez. “The way it’s feeling, it’s crazy. When you get this kind of element, you go from sunny Florida to the fact it’s … Continue reading

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How Does Soros Make A Living?

Soros income and pride is based on making national currencies crash. He has pumped tens of millions into left wing causes in the US, in pursuit of his biggest prize.

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