Does Al Gore Have Regrets?

All of the top science blogs are skeptic blogs. This makes me wonder if Al Gore regrets having invented the Internet.

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4 Responses to Does Al Gore Have Regrets?

  1. John says:

    All the way to the bank. He got his, and a lot more. He’s moving on to the next scam already.

  2. Hugh K says:

    A virtual Gore effect?

    Almost as ironic as the internet betraying its conjectural creator, we have been lectured endlessly by the alarmists claiming the import/validity of a supposed scientific concensus supporting CAGW. How satisfying to envision algore attempting to wrap his chakra around this true concensus favoring skeptic science blogs.

  3. Nope, he is a very rich man now.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Al Gore’s top 5 greatest regrets.
    1. Passing up the sex change operation
    2. Going out for a smoke when his college room partner developed the internet as an idea
    3. Not having a brother in Florida when he needed one.
    4. Meeting Jim Hansen. Now he never stops calling and tells everyone they are BFF’s and keeps asking for money.
    5. Eating.

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