Georgia Town Takes The Second Amendment Seriously

NELSON, Ga. — Every homeowner in a local town could soon have to own a gun or break the law. It’s a controversial new plan for the city of Nelson.  Leaders told Channel 2’s John Bachman the reason they need the law is because the city straddles Cherokee county to the south and Pickens County to the north.

City looks to make gun ownership mandatory |

The founding fathers understood that safety depended on an armed citizenry.

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5 Responses to Georgia Town Takes The Second Amendment Seriously

  1. Second town in Ga. to do so, I thought this sounded familiar. I like the one guy who complains it smacks of “big government,” I wonder how he likes his Obamacare?

  2. miked1947 says:

    Not a bad idea. It should be publicized when the towns do that. It is not important to know who owns the weapons, just the percentage of gun owners in the town. I am currently working with a neighbor to help her learn to use a weapon.

  3. Brian says:

    Taking away someone’s right to not own one is no better than taking away someone’s right to have one.

  4. Blade says:

    Brian [March 6, 2013 at 11:46 pm] says:

    Taking away someone’s right to not own one is no better than taking away someone’s right to have one.

    In a perfect world I would agree with you (for the first time perhaps). But we live in an imperfect implementation of the Founders principles of individual liberty, and that is primarily because of people like you Brian who vote for nanny-state politicians granting them de facto extra-Constitutional powers in the process. You asked for it, you got it.

    Remember the old parable “First they came for … and I did nothing …”. It is entirely because of you folks asking the government to do everything, regulate this, regulate that, ban this, ban that. It is okay for local governments to decide what color a house can be painted, what kind of sign they can hang up, even regulate flying our American flag. You willingly granted them power to decide if a bar can be opened and what hours, what they serve, if they can smoke. Same with restaurants. It okay for them to go after big tobacco and jack up prices to pad their revenues. School taxes and local property taxes that grow unlimited and which exist only to employ union workers. Unimaginable laws exist to “benefit the children”. Vast powers have been delegated to them to send in SWAT teams and kill their own citizens. Even the draft still exists and many of those lefties that think it is immoral simply turn right around and vote for more lefties that add even more government every chance they get.

    This is but the tip of the iceberg and I do mean only the tip. Lefties can never say no to more government and never have. Now we are at peak government. So now you have this situation where a government that has been empowered to do everything turns around and sticks it right back to you. There is some wicked irony here.

    Of course, the one big difference between this one and the famous Kennesaw law 30 years ago is the overwhelming gain in the net power that all government now has. Back then, a government might be challenged and voted out. Now they are entrenched bureaucracies. That is the main point that should make you wake up, but it it won’t.

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