Having Saved Guam From Tipping Over, Representative Hank Johnson Now Wants To Rescue The Climate

ScreenHunter_182 Mar. 06 11.50

ScreenHunter_182 Mar. 06 11.45

Rep. Johnson Calls on Congressional Republicans to Act on Climate Change | Congressman Henry Waxman

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22 Responses to Having Saved Guam From Tipping Over, Representative Hank Johnson Now Wants To Rescue The Climate

  1. Both of those shoulda considered career options involving deep fryers.

  2. John says:

    I don’t think it’s “science” that Republicans are skeptical about since if the science is followed there is no problem indicated.

  3. Ivan says:

    Isn’t Hank Johnson considered to be one of the brighter Democrats?

  4. bubbagyro says:

    Maybe the sequestration will lead to amassing of government workers at the Guam docks awaiting departure, causing an inevitable unbalanced sequestration capsize?

  5. Hugh K says:

    Who was Hank speaking to? The US Capital shut down today due to a “fierce snowstorm”.

  6. Hugh K says:

    More to my point – HOUSE NOT IN SESSION – NEXT SESSION: 12:00 p.m. on March 7, 2013 (Caps not mine) — Copied and pasted from http://houselive.gov/

  7. phodges says:



    Look at the graph…the rise in domestic oil production has been since Obama took office…

    • miked1947 says:

      In spite of Skeeter doing everything in his power to curtail oil production. That is the turn around time with all the red tape from request to drill and actual production from the wells. If they started a new project today it would not increase results for 10 or more years.

    • gator69 says:

      The gains have been on private land, in spite of Skeeter’s best efforts.

  8. Streetcred says:

    Rep. Johnson got his nose shaped like that from years of ‘schnuffling’ it about in the climate trough

    • Luke of the D says:

      I agree completely… good lord that man needs a nose job! Hell, I might even be willing to help him pay for one… and I’m conservative as hell. But lord… can’t they do something about it? I mean, Michael Jackson’s nose was FUBAR, but jeeze, this guy’s nose makes me think “whee! WHEE! WHEE! All the way home!”

      • Me says:

        Johnson is the person in the video that looks like he’s maybe high as a kite, I think you are talking about Henry (ManBatDinkey) Waxman with the nose thing.

  9. philjourdan says:

    I agree they should act on it.

    Maybe the Pirates of the Penzance. Or perhaps Othello.

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