Will James Hansen Be Remembered As The Biggest War Criminal In History?

Hansen may have succeeded in doing what Hitler failed to do – bring England to her knees.

In 1988, the year global warming made its entrance into politics, Margaret Thatcher declared that mankind had unwittingly been carrying out a massive experiment with the planet, in which the burning of fossil fuels would produce greenhouse gases, leading to higher global temperatures. The results of this experiment remain an open question. As Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, acknowledged last month, there has been a 17-year pause in the rise of average global temperatures.

Of more immediate consequence to British families is that the UK has embarked on perhaps the most aggressive political experiment attempted in peacetime – gradually outlawing the use of fossil fuels, which we have relied on since the Industrial Revolution, as our principal source of energy. The results are already evident. Two weeks ago, Alistair Buchanan, chief executive of Ofgem, warned of rising energy bills, and questioned whether Britain would be able to keep the lights on. When there is a glut of natural gas in the US and coal prices are plunging in Europe, this country faces a green energy crunch as it attempts to decarbonise its economy.

The green energy mirage will cost the earth – Telegraph

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10 Responses to Will James Hansen Be Remembered As The Biggest War Criminal In History?

  1. ralphcramdo says:

    OMG! In other UK news.

    Europe to cut power of vacuum cleaners to save energy
    The cleanliness of Britain’s homes is being threatened by European bureaucrats who want to reduce the power of vacuum cleaners in a bid to cut energy use.

    First it was traditional light bulbs, then it was plasma televisions. Now European bureaucrats are targeting the nation’s vacuum cleaners as part of plans to cut energy use in the home.

    Officials at the European Commission are proposing to restrict the power of domestic vacuum cleaners in a move which experts fear could reduce their effectiveness in sucking up dust and dirt.

    Manufacturers say it could also reduce cleaners’ ability to remove fine particles from the air they pump back into the atmosphere, potentially leading to nasty side-effects for allergy and asthma sufferers.

    The EU experts propose restricting the power of vacuum cleaners to levels last seen in the 1960s.

    • Michael says:

      When they get us all into dormitories we won’t need vacuums, we can all take turns scrubbing the concrete floors. We must do our bit to save the planet.

  2. Cranks are everywhere. Steve you need to ask the question, why do so many listen to this crank and not a multitude of other cranks? Is the crank the real criminal or are the criminals actually his followers?

    • Hansen is the director of GISS. He is not a crank, he is intentionally tampering with data to influence politics towards a disastrous outcome.

      • CheshireRed says:

        Correct. This being so, who is holding Hansen to account? He clearly hasn’t got the will to sue for defamation as the consequences of defeat would be disastrous for him and his data, upon which most of the AGW theory hangs.

        The repeated falure of supposed leaders to challenge this clear data manipulation is a scandal in itself; they’re effectively allowing Hansen to get away with data fraud.

      • miked1947 says:

        Hansen was hailed as a hero of NASA because he generated funding for new research and stopped funding from being reduced for “Space Studies” , as in GISS! Only recently have some NASA people made claims regarding the worthlessness of Hansen’s work.

  3. Ivan says:

    Interesting how history can sometimes repeat itself…
    Death of a Civilization
    By the end of 1858, the Xhosa population had dropped from 105,000 to 26,000. Forty to fifty-thousand people starved to death, and the rest migrated. With Xhosa civilization destroyed, the land was cleared for white settlement. The British found that those Xhosa who survived proved to be docile and useful servants. What the British Empire had been unable to accomplish in more than fifty years of aggressive colonialism, the Xhosa did to themselves in less than two years.”

    • miked1947 says:

      Very true!

    • miked1947 says:

      Of course I am waiting for Gore and company to lead the way by stopping their use of fossil fuels and products made using fossil fuels.

    • Jimbo says:

      This ‘Cattle Killing Movement’ of the Xhosa was featured on WUWT a few years back. Many commenters could see the writing on the wall. Unless these scammers are stopped they will kill a lot of people and Western Civilization.

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