It Must Be The CO2

ScreenHunter_363 Mar. 06 19.17

File:Sunspot Numbers.png – Wikimedia Commons

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25 Responses to It Must Be The CO2

  1. zip adee says:

    The Little Ice Age ended around 1750. Hmmmm…that’s weird.

    • miked1947 says:

      It all depends on who you ask. The globe has not yet achieved the temperatures it enjoyed during the MWP. The Vikings could not inhabit Greenland today with the technology they had when they did colonize the area.
      Some might say the LIA ended about the end of the Dalton Minimum / 1825, 1850.
      Some might even think the globe has not yet exited the LIA.

    • miked1947 says:

      Zip adee:
      Careful with that reconstruction. It represents what is wrong with the CAGW crowd to many of the contributors at this site.
      Especially as it is what the term “Hide the Decline” refers to.

  2. Chewer says:

    By spot on I meant +/- a butt load!

  3. Look, I don’t want to prick anyone’s bubble here but Steve is citing Wikipedia, which when it comes to science in general and climatology in particular, is largely garbage. That graph is around 15 years old and better reconstructions of sunspot counts look nothing like that.

    Some sceptics need to drop the obsession with the idea that if CO2 doesn’t explain everything sunspots, cosmic rays or something else does. The temperature change we’ve experienced over the last 100 years is extremely tiny compared to how much the Earth’s temperature has changed in the past. There is no need to come up with explanations for what might well turn out to be a little bit of temperature ‘noise’.

    • ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

      Some things are just too obvious for some to accept.

    • Sparks says:

      Sarcastically citing Wikipedia? lol

    • Sundance says:

      Will – the IPCC was selling us the idea that there was a 30 year lag time for CO2 to increase T. Yet the major heating source of the planet can’t possibly have an effect with an increase of 1.0 w^2 increase in the 20th century warming the oceans? It seems odd to me if there weren’t a lag time involved in warming from the sun. My electric range can cycle on and off and still boil water but there is a lag time. Just saying.

      NASA’s NAPV project reveals that IPCC has CO2 caused water vapor projections wrong and OLR is increasing. We have a bunch of IPCC turd polishers tweeting about cutting off any debate while no one is asking tough questions of the IPCC. I think I’ll wait on the Sun issue and if it goes quiet for 30 years as the MET Office and several other solar physicists are suggesting, we will learn a lot more about the Sun’s effects on our little blue marble.

      • So an increase in irradiance from the sun in one situation causes atmospheric temperature rise in a matter of hours (i.e., sunrise) but the same energy source also causes a 30 year lag? How does that work again?

      • No doubt irradiance is the only physical property of the sun, just like CO2 is the only property of the earth.

      • Hmmm…. so you’re saying something exists that can’t be measured and that explains something else that might not require explanation. Not sure you’d make it on my engineering team there Steve. 😉

      • You wouldn’t have a computer without my engineering team.

        I guess the Little Ice Age and Maunder Minimum didn’t exist, because you don’t have a model for it.

      • And nobody could program them if I hadn’t written the texts on how to program those microprocessors. (Actually someone else would have and some did, but that is another story.)

        The fact that the Little ice Age and Maunder Minimum exist does not mean you can explain them. The IPCC can’t explain them either. Here is something I’ve noticed a lot of sceptics miss. The IPCC needs the sun too. IPCC models can’t explain early 20th century warming without an increase in solar irradiance during that period. But here’s the problem: later and better solar reconstructions don’t show that increase over that period of time. If you accept the newer studies then the IPCC can’t explain early 20th century warming using their models either.

      • People acknowledged the existence of wind, long before they could explain it.

      • People always come up with explanations. Even if that means “the Gods do it”. Aristotle had lots of thoughts on meteorology. But later explanations aren’t always close to the later ones.

    • Dave N says:

      “..better reconstructions of sunspot counts look nothing like that”

      Your comment would look far better with a reference. It otherwise looks like some alarmist BS where they don’t tell you what data they’re using.

    • NikFromNYC says:

      Over at WUWT, Lucy Skywalker rants about vacuum energy generators that merely need a million bucks to be proven. Here, Harry acts as a model citizen to promote his utterly wack-a-mole *insane* blog hypothesis as being proven that since you can fit star constellations to fractal coastlines that ancient gods played sandbox and thus seeded myth making in mankind, and the NASA guy similarly claims that spiritual energy baths us from a sun god made of magic neutrons but a great conspiracy (including Lubos Motl who ignores him as far as I can tell?) exists to deny his discovery. And post-election here, Obama is planning to dissolve Republicans in acid baths after machine gunning their schoolchildren using SWAT teams. Al Gore’s millions could not hope to fund such a brilliantly disastrous public image disaster for skeptics, perfectly matching the stereotype of a lunatic fringe that Gore indeed promotes, and thus a mere six vocal people, including Steve lately, threaten to cripple whole economies by trashing the public image of skeptics as they equate moderate voters with Nazi storm troopers just because 60s generation politicians cut their teeth on the backlash against Republican declaration of war upon their generation.

      • Brad says:

        Where is the Declaration of War upon their Generation in the 60’s? I looked. I could not find any reference to a Republican Congress or President in the 60’s declaring War against a generation. As a matter of fact, I can’t find any reference to any Rebulican declaring a war on any generation at any time.

      • Glacierman says:

        The left is the establishment now. They have declared war on anything that they disagree with.

  4. gator69 says:

    Sunspots cause CO2?

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