Working On The Mystery Without Any Clue

I am an engineer. I am used to working on very tightly defined problems with very tightly defined schedules.

By contrast, we have hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being stolen to study and fix “climate change.” No one knows what climate change means, much less how to identify it or fix it. Global warming had some sort of definition and structure (until the temperature quit going up) but climate change doesn’t seem to mean anything.

People who claim that they are fixing climate change, cite things like a hurricane or snowstorms or lack of snowstorms, or rain, or lack of rain as evidence of climate change.

These are just weather events which have plagued man since the dawn of history. Coming from an engineering world, climate change people appear to be complete nutcases – which is exactly what they are. Nutcases and criminals.

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12 Responses to Working On The Mystery Without Any Clue

  1. miked1947 says:

    After retiring as a trouble shooter and system analyst I came to a similar conclusion about CAGW!
    The first lesson I learned about shooting trouble is to make sure there is trouble that needs to be fixed! Many reported troubles are either user error or normal system functions the end user thinks are errors. A good portion of trouble reported was cleared as No Trouble Found! This is the case for CAGW! The weather system is working as it has for millions of years. There is nothing to fix.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Climate change has taken place for 4 billion years. The real danger is an Ice Age, which would be a total disaster for humanity. A bit of warming would create winners and losers, but humanity would survive. Warming is definitely the lesser of the two evils.

  3. There are two critical junctures that made me switch back to the dark side. One was Climategate. Not because there were any scams or conspiracies discovered. Well, nothing like the shooting of JFK. 😉

    It was the revelation that the insiders who most strenuously promoted AGW in their public discourse were as clueless as everyone else about what the climate was doing, in their private discourse.

    The other factor was a switch from global warming – whether true or false at least it was a testable prediction – to “climate change.” Climate change” is not scientific. It’s gibberish. It has the same predicative capacity as astrology or Freudian psychoanalysis.

  4. Ivan says:

    I am used to working on very tightly defined problems with very tightly defined schedules.
    The other part of this is that most engineers will, in one form or another, ask the question: “What exactly is the ‘problem’ and what does ‘fixed’ look like?”
    And, this, of course, is the source of the symbiosis that underpins disconnect.
    To a politician, the “problem” is getting enough votes to get re-elected, and “fixed” looks like backing a popular cause in pursuit of this, so that I can feed my narcissistic tendencies and/or tell people how to live their lives.
    To a ‘climate scientist’, the “problem” is getting out from under a bottom-feeding, back-room weather-forecasting and/or statistics gathering job (which nobody really cares about) and “fixed” looks like having enough grant money to fund travel to exotic places, hanging out with brain-dead movie stars, and improving the low self esteem which I have developed as a result of years spent doing a job that I have gotten wrong far more often than not.

  5. Justa Joe says:

    The haphazard guess work, creative writing, and applied speculation BS churned out by the climate change professionals is a joke. It wouldn’t fly in any other industry that I’ve seen especially product design and manufacturing engineering.

    • Ivan says:

      It wouldn’t fly in any other industry
      It sure wouldn’t – but in any other industry, these damaged individuals would never rise to a position where they have any influence or status. Unfortunately, by its very nature, the “climate science” industry is a powerful magnet for those with deep-seated neuroses and psychotic delusions. It’s the world’s biggest open-air insane asylum – in which all the inmates decided to go off their meds at the one time.

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    He killed himself. Got his molecule wrong.

  7. Laurence Clark Crossen says:

    How can we tell Eugenie Scott that?

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