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Another Hockey Stick Smoking Gun

The hockey stick shows a sudden unprecedented warming starting about 150 years ago, which is implicitly blamed on humans. The only problem is – nothing humans did 150 years ago could have caused this. CO2 didn’t  start rapidly rising until … Continue reading

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The US Used To Be Much Hotter

There are 829 US HCN stations which have been continuously active since at least 1920. Fifty percent of their all time record maximums were set during the 1930s. Eighty percent of the records were set before 1960. This agrees with … Continue reading

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Not As Bad As CO2

During WWII, Germans bombed Old Trafford. Apparently they were upset that Sir Alex’s team beat Bayern Munich. However, the German bombs were no match for the devastation of CO2.

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I Missed That Debate

WASHINGTON (AP) — With gun legislation taking shape on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama has kept a low profile on an issue he has made a critical part of his second-term agenda. News from The Associated Press Obama didn’t say … Continue reading

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Obama Style Deficit Reduction

The government has borrowed another seven hundred billion dollars since the Democratic convention in September. That is an additional $2,000 debt for every person in the US.

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Hike Day!

It was supposed to be the start of kid soccer season today, but global warming kicked in and turned it into hike day. The snow was very wet and by the time we got back to the car, the dog’s legs were … Continue reading

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These Two Think Americans Are Stupid

Having Added Record $5.9T to Debt, Obama Claims He’s Cut Deficit $2.5T | CNS News

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