Early Spring Comes To Europe

ScreenHunter_69 Mar. 10 05.58ScreenHunter_70 Mar. 10 05.58

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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2 Responses to Early Spring Comes To Europe

  1. Andy says:

    Europe tends to bounce a lot at this time of year depending on how the wind blows as we are blessed, or cursed, with 4 competing possible airstreams. Generally it it is maritime westerlies but also we can have norther easters as well at this time of year bringing in arctic weather.

    My tulips which were doing well are now in for a shock.


  2. gator69 says:

    One Easter morning we received a heavy accumulating snow, that was completely gone by that afternoon, replaced by a beautiful warm sunny day. Mother Nature is a psycho, it is why she never married.

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