Bloomberg Dictatorship Plans Hit A Bump In The Road

New York City’s ban on large-size soda drinks was blocked by a judge after industry groups including the American Beverage Association sued to stop the plan, calling it an unfair burden on small businesses.

Groups representing beverage makers, restaurants and theaters filed a petition in New York State Supreme Court in October, the state’s trial level court, seeking to block enforcement of the measure, calling the ban “unprecedented interference” with consumer choice.

New York Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling in Manhattan approved the group’s request, issuing a permanent injunction preventing the city from implementing the plan, which had been scheduled to begin March 12.

The groups said the decision by the Board of Health to approve the ban was overreaching and ignored the rights of New Yorkers to make their own choices.

New York Soda Size Limit Statute Barred by State Judge – Bloomberg

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8 Responses to Bloomberg Dictatorship Plans Hit A Bump In The Road

  1. Gennady says:

    This is so wrong. It is right that the experts define whats right for the people. The days of making uninformed decisions for oneself are over. People need to be guided, by force if necessary.

    Gennady Kurilenko

  2. ericsimpson says:

    But it’s a Benevolent Dictatorship.
    Because the idiotic masses that didn’t go to Ivy League caliber colleges are too stupid to do the right thing. That’s all he wants, is to do the right thing, like Spike Lee says. Even if his right thing isn’t quite the right thing of others. Because he’s the smart one, and he knows that freedom of your choice isn’t in your interest. Let Bloomberg the Saint make the hard choices for you, and so free your mind from the turmoil. It’s for your own good. Because you’re one of the idiots that drinks too much soda when we’ve said it’s bad for you. Idiot.
    My warmist brother says we should be ruled by the “top 1%.” Like Bloomberg. Bow our heads and let Bloomberg and his ilk tell us what to do.

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Excellent…it’s so beautiful when sanity briefly rears her majestic head.

  4. tckev says:

    Sometime you need the big guy to talk sense into them. Tell’em John –

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