Hunters Are Terrorists

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Hunters are terrorists of animal world

Animal rights humanitarians are fed up with hunters, their government cronies and their sick mentalities. Hunting is not sound science. It is sound fun for unsound individuals who commit unrepentant violence against animals.

Hunters are terrorists of animal world » North American Animal Liberation Press Office

This guy should visit a slaughterhouse, where they kill thousands of animals a day and wrap them up in pretty pink guilt-free packages for psycho nutcases like him.

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h/t to Dave G

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8 Responses to Hunters Are Terrorists

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    oh dont worry steven he prob doesent eat any meat milk or eggs,
    avoids all gluten,
    wears genuine plastic shoes and clothing, maybe some cotton?
    sure no wool cos thats cruel to sheep.
    I hope he reads the recent item about fish actually feeling pain:-0
    soon on a diet of GM soy corn
    and mungbeans and lentils
    he will be very ill and mineral deficient, and too weak to keep blathering:-)
    oh yeah I guess there may be the odd health ovolactovegan around, havent met any:-)

  2. Curt says:

    If hunters are terrorists, shouldn’t we be taking out lions with drone strikes?

  3. miked1947 says:

    The animal rights activists have created worse living conditions for the animals than the sportsmen that hunt them. The sportsmen create habitats for the animals where they can breed and have food. The animal rights idiots allow the animals to over breed and starve to death because the animals do not have enough food and they are overpopulated for the area.
    The animal rights activists do “Culling” to correct overpopulation issues!
    If the Hunters did not kill the wild life they would breed out of existence due to over population. The new born would not have food to survive and with no young the older population would die out leaving reduced numbers until they went extinct.

  4. Pathway says:

    The north American model of wildlife management is the most successful system for sustaining all wildlife. The hunter is at the center of this model and pays for all wildlife management, not just eatable species. In Colorado, hunters pay for 75% of the Colo Park and Wildlife budget and another 10% from Federal Excise tax on ammunition and fishing equipment. The citizen who does not hunt or fish pays nothing.
    We have the largest elk herd in the world and lots of prairie dogs in Boulder county.

  5. gator69 says:

    Out my way there was a ‘deer explosion’. Actually it was new suburbs squeezing the deer in and the hunters out. The city council (leftists) were shocked when someone mentioned bringing in professional hunters to cull the herd which had already caused injury to people there. Instead they located a game preserve in Texas and spent nearly one million dollars to tranquilizer, cage, and transport these deer to Texas where they would be subsequently hunted.

    The deer awoke to strange cages and proceeded to beat themselves to death while attempting their escape. Not one made it to Texas. Sad, but the upside was watching lefties implode with guilt and stupidity.

    In the end local bow hunters took care of the problem and donated very healthy meat to needy food pantries.

    To all you lefties out there, do the world a favor, stay home and keep your pie holes firmly shut.

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