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The Models Don’t Work For One Hour, But Are Perfect For One Hundred Years In The Future

We had no snow in any forecast for Fort Collins yesterday or today, and it has now been snowing for 15 straight hours.

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Gun Confiscation Propagandist Says He Planned To Confiscate His Own Gun

Appearing on CNN’s The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer on March 11, Mark Kelly said he planned from the start to hand over an AR-15 rifle he purchased to the Tuscon Police Department. Mark Kelly to CNN: Plan Was to … Continue reading

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NBC News Sets A New Record For Antarctic Global Warming Lies

NBC News is becoming completely shameless, reporting everything exactly backwards about Antarctica Nightly News | March 11, 2013 Journey to the bottom of the Earth As the Antarctic ice begins to disappear, penguins are at risk: in some areas one … Continue reading

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Julia’s Storm Troopers Arrive

Check out this incredible piece of fascist propaganda from Julia’s storm troopers. Hundreds of heavily-armed Australian police have taken part in raids on biker gangs in and around Sydney. Several high-ranking members of the gangs were arrested and explosives, guns, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Hits Switzerland

Record cold reported in Switzerland This winter has “cracked” previous cold records, says this Google translation. Freezing temperatures ruled Switzerland on Sunday night (Feb 10). In many places in Graubünden the thermometer dropped far below zero. The mercury plunged to … Continue reading

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Arkansas Democrat : “Vote For Me Because I Am Not Quite As Bad As Obama”

Dems’ big 2014 obstacle: President Obama Arkansas Democratic state Sen. Bruce Maloch said he’s considering running for a House seat that tilts heavily Republican. But he, too, is worried about the opposition tying him to a White House that has … Continue reading

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This Is What Global Warming Looks Like

HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events for The Past Week – Continental US View

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Children Just Won’t Know What Warming Is

As Bishop Hill points out, in two years there won’t be a child on Earth who has experienced global warming. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Climate Experts Fail – Yet Again

Last month they said that the Mississippi River was going to run dry. Two weeks ago : Historic U.S. drought will continue into spring and summer, experts say – Capital Weather Gang – The Washington Post Today ST. LOUIS — … Continue reading

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Spring Break Comes To Florida

MonthTDeptSERCC.png (688×531)

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