A Few Things Obama Forgot To Mention Before The Election

  1. He didn’t plan to balance the budget
  2. He planned to kill Americans on US soil without trial
  3. He planned to trash the Bill of Rights
  4. He planned to confiscate American’s guns
  5. He planned to purchase 7,000 fully automatic rifles, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, and 2,700 tanks – for use inside the US
  6. His primary goal for the next two years was to trash Republicans ahead of the 2014 elections
  7. He planned to ban coal
  8. He planned to personally control the climate
  9. He planned to do everything by executive order, and bypass the Congress

The 2012 election was a complete fraud. Americans were denied the right to know who they were voting for. Obama needs to be impeached.

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4 Responses to A Few Things Obama Forgot To Mention Before The Election

  1. gator69 says:

    10. Planned to turn the middle east over to the mujahedin.

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    I really wish we had an honest media. His latest proclamation (through his mouth piece) is that he will not balance the budget for “the sake of Balance”. A fair media would immediately report that for the real truth “Obama steals from your children to pay for his golfing with Tiger”.

  3. John Bogen, M.D. says:

    Note John Brennan took the oath for his office (head of CIA) with an original copy of the Constitution that did not include a copy of the Bill of Rights. He was the originator of the drone policy. Is my info correct – seems rather conspiratorial?

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