Obama Boasts That He Is Much Worse Than Dick Cheney

ScreenHunter_203 Mar. 14 09.10

President Obama: I’m no Dick Cheney on drones – Josh Gerstein and Manu Raju – POLITICO.com

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15 Responses to Obama Boasts That He Is Much Worse Than Dick Cheney

  1. gator69 says:

    Looks like Skeeter was off the teleprompter again! He really needs to leave the Cheney jokes to Jon Stewart.

    What a buffoon, makes me pine for Chavez.

  2. daveburton says:

    Bush/Cheney were restrained in their use of drones, because of the ethical issues esp. with collateral damage. Obama doesn’t seem to care about such things.

  3. Brian says:


  4. Here’s your next story (and fairly recent. too)


    One excerpt:

    “…At a June 29, 1972, news conference, about six weeks after Wallace’s shooting, Nixon said he’d sign legislation banning Saturday night specials. Later that year, the Senate did pass such a bill, but the House never acted on the legislation.

    The bill’s sponsor, Indiana Democrat Birch Bayh, said in a recent interview that the NRA helped prevent his bill from getting through Congress. The Nixon administration supported an unsuccessful Republican alternative Senate bill on Saturday night specials that had a definition the NRA preferred…”

    How close to today’s battle with another Senate Democrat (Feinstein) issuing a bill after a national tragedy (Sandy Hook) to ban a certain class of weapon (assault weapons)?

    Just like 40 years ago, this will probably pass the Democrat-led Senate, but bomb in the House.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered. I don’t think we need to name any names, do we? Our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom. The new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere.” – Rand Paul

    VIDEO: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/03/14/rand_paul_the_gop_of_old_has_grown_stale_and_moss-covered.html

  6. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. said it first, in April 11, 2009, during his webcast Barack Obama has a Nero complex. His self-adulation is manic. And he’ll kill like the emperor Nero if we let him. Read the transcript: http://larouchepac.com/files/pdf/LP_NarcissusLO.pdf

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