UK Planning To Build New Climate Destroying Pipeline

London is ready to talk more gas supplies with Russia as the heads of the foreign affairs ministries and defense ministries from Russia and UK hold their first ever “2+2” meeting in London.

The negotiations are part of a new “strategic dialogue”.  Extending the Nord Stream pipeline to the United Kingdom is also high on the energy agenda of the meetings, William Hague, UK’s foreign secretary told Russia’s Interfax news agency ahead of the talks.

London ready to talk more gas with Moscow — RT Business


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4 Responses to UK Planning To Build New Climate Destroying Pipeline

  1. Pathway says:

    The Brits have become a bunch of maroons.

  2. mwhite says:

    “Docu-drama ‘If… the Lights Go Out’, 2004”

    “London and parts of England have been plunged into darkness following an electricity blackout in the middle of winter. A news reader says that a state of emergency has been declared. A dramatised meeting of COBRA follows, where a military chief describes the problems the country faces. Actual expert witnesses give their views on the hypothetical situation. This extract shows a range of aspect of this kind of docu-drama, mixing techniques from drama, music and dramatised scenes with factual techniques such as using expert witnesses and archive film. The programme was first broadcast on BBC Two on 10 March 2004 at 9pm.”

    “But a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline in Russia has a disastrous effect on Britain.”

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