WaPo Blames Failed Snowquester On Global Warming

Ahead of Snowquester, they pre-emptively blamed the heavy snow they were predicting on global warming.

Then the storm didn’t materialize, and now they blame the lack of snow on global warming – despite the fact that the temperature was ten degrees below normal.

ScreenHunter_188 Mar. 14 12.12

How global warming spoiled the Snowquester – Capital Weather Gang – The Washington Post

When you successfully demonstrate that you have no brain or ethics, then you can be a climate superhero.

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5 Responses to WaPo Blames Failed Snowquester On Global Warming

  1. gator69 says:

    All weather and climate related stories from the MSM start with CAGW as a given, and then expand from there. This is now called ‘science writing’. You must have a PhD and cats to understand.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Trying to blame global warming for their own incompetent forecast takes a lot of nerve.

  3. elmer says:

    Of course had it been a worse storm they would have blamed that on global warming too.

  4. TomC says:

    7 days ago Remove

    Yesterday morning the global warming zealots were saying Washington DC getting so much snow so late in the season was a sign of global warming. ClimateProgress wrote up an entire piece on it. They even cited an AP article written last week which claimed (less snow/more blizzards), there’s more moisture in the air because of global warming making big snowstorms, the arctic oscillation and the north atlantic oscillation are negative because of global warming (but when the *oscillation was positive last winter leading to mild conditions for most of the winter that was, yep, global warming – *key word), making storms hug the east coast (we never had nor’easters until global warming), and on and on and on. Any excuse they can think of.
    Today the snowstorm was a bust for Washington DC and the global warming zealots are now going to say, “See, it was too warm to snow in DC – because of global warming”

  5. TomC says:

    So predictable…

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