Obama Invents The Oil-Free Car!

The idiot in chief says he plans to move cars and trucks off oil entirely

ScreenHunter_188 Mar. 15 16.04

If he had an engineer on his staff, they probably could have told him that cars don’t run off blow.

ScreenHunter_188 Mar. 15 16.08

Unlike Obama, engineers have to deal with the real world – not just the random bullshit which pops into their head.

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4 Responses to Obama Invents The Oil-Free Car!

  1. Me says:

    So in his mind the squeeky wheel gets the pixie dust and runs on unicorn juice. 😆

  2. Marian says:

    Or could Obama be thinking of bringing these back?



    I knew a hippy who had experimented with one of these for his old van in the early 1980s. He used to smoke the neighbourhood out. his vehicle was like a steam train. Plus the wood gasifier blew up in his face one when he was stoking it and he ended up with serious third degree facial burns.

  3. geologyjim says:

    Jeezus! – – This is “Industrial-Grade Stooooooooooooooopid”

    When he visits Israel next week, perhaps one of his “Religion of Peace” Palestinian warriors will do us all a favor.

    Al Hamdulillah!

  4. Ira says:

    I wonder how many of those GM hybrids were bought by the government?

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