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Elections Have Consequences

Obama and Biden have devoted the last 4-1/2 months to lavish vacations at taxpayer expense, dividing America, increasing the debt, building up a massive paramilitary, demonizing everyone who disagrees with their madness, and destroying the Bill of Rights. Meanwhile, Paul … Continue reading

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UK Addresses The Threat Of Weapons Of Mis-Punctuation

A council has sparked fury from residents after banning apostrophes from street signs to avoid potential confusion. Council bans apostrophes from all street signs to avoid ‘confusion’ – Telegraph

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Sequester Obama’s Stupidity

Dim-witted president plans to waste billions more on imaginary green energy scams. The pitch President Obama will make as he visits the Energy Department’s Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago Friday involves a bit of policy jujutsu: let’s take the money … Continue reading

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Early Spring Arrives In Minnesota

Climate experts tell us that global warming has made spring arrive earlier. That is why it is -21C in Minnesota this week. Weather Forecast International Falls, MN | International Falls Weather | Wunderground

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UK : Obama’s “Right War” Is Unwinnable

MoD admits campaign in Afghanistan is ‘an unwinnable war’ – UK Politics – UK – The Independent The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and took ten years to figure out they had no business being there. The US and UK are … Continue reading

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Man Made CO2 Is The Planet’s Thermostat

Leading experts say that CO2 controls the planet’s temperature. That is why there was an ice age 450 million years ago, with CO2 more than ten times as abundant as at present. Climate during the Carboniferous Period

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Overpopulation Update : Only Nine Manhattans Of Ice Per Polar Bear In The Ice-Free Arctic

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Blame Bush

President Bush Obama says that Iraq Iran has WMD’s and needs regime change. Democrats howl cheer him on.

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Obama Planning His Most Fun War So Far

“Right now, we think it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously we don’t want to cut it too close,” he said. Obama Says Iran A Year Away From Nuclear … Continue reading

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More Fraud From The Team

Steve McIntyre dug up Marcot’s thesis, and it had no hockey stick. But a hockey stick magically appeared in his Science article, out of the same data. I overlaid his Science fraud graph on his thesis graph, below. Just another … Continue reading

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