Record CO2 Increase Brings Fifty Degree Drop In Temperature

Last year, experts told us that man-made CO2 made Midwestern March weather warm. They also tell us that the past year has seen a record increase in CO2. This explains the fifty degree drop in temperatures since last year.

ScreenHunter_230 Mar. 17 05.53

Paddy’s Day Parade 2013: Fifty Degrees Cooler Than 2012 « CBS Minnesota


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5 Responses to Record CO2 Increase Brings Fifty Degree Drop In Temperature

  1. gator69 says:

    We are having a white St Alcoholic’s day.

  2. Bill Gannon says:

    I have an idea, lets get every one whom reads this blog, along with their friends, co-workers and anybody else to flood those F/X people in San Francisco CA, inbox with request to preform an CO2 experiment.

    They would need two weather stations, perhaps a set of Davis Pro2’s.
    two acyrillic cubes, to house the weather stations. One cube has two ports to add gasses and one for gas metering equipment.

    First step is to run an control to see if both stations are agreeing on the temperature. Then add the CO2, to the 400 part per million, if no significant rise then they keep adding till they get that dammed hockey stick. Then they can add what ever gasses they deem fit, to try to find a true green house gas.

  3. a-HA! Extreme weather!

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