Florida’s Coldest March On Record (So Far)

Temperatures in Florida so far this month have been the coldest on record.

It is likely that by the end of the month, the average temperature will rise and 2013 may not end up being the coldest – but it should be in the bottom five and possibly the bottom two.

ScreenHunter_239 Mar. 17 19.04

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15 Responses to Florida’s Coldest March On Record (So Far)

  1. TomC says:

    Looking at the extended forecast, Florida should clock in at around 20°C for the next six days and round out the last week of the month around 15°C after a strong cold front pushes through around the 24th. That would probably bring the monthly average up to near 16.2°C +/-0.2°C. Probably landing between 9th to 15th coldest. That’s my forecast, at least ;0)

  2. miked1947 says:

    Have no Fear! NOAA and GISS will proclaim it the warmest on record, beating out last years “Adjusted” final!

  3. Andy Oz says:

    All those Florida retirees from Chicago, must be dropping like flies!

  4. Magnus says:

    In Italy, the cycle race Milan San rEmo was canceled because of heavy snow fall:

    But snow is also just weather — i.e. variation on the more stable climate (i.e. average).

  5. Robertv says:

    Heavy snow begins to affect road and air travel as the Met Office issues yellow “be aware” warnings.

    Scotland and the north of England are expected to see up to 20cm (eight inches) of snow build up from today into Wednesday morning, with temperatures dropping as low as minus 15C (5F) overnight.

  6. chris y says:

    I live near Tampa, and can confirm that March temperatures have been well below normal (as in 20 F below the normal morning low).

  7. Billy Liar says:

    Take a look at HADCET too. Not looking good for another scorching year in England. Nearly a quarter of the year done and an anomaly of about -0.7°C so far.


  8. Robert H. Mount says:

    Warmest March on record in 2012, coldest March on record in 2013. Is the climate changing? Of course it is. Sooner or later, the deniers will come to their senses, maybe even Rush Limbaugh!

  9. Robert H. Mount says:

    What was not “moderate” about my comment?

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