Big Trouble Ahead For Hansen

Temperatures have been running well below Hansen’s zero emissions scenario C, but March temperatures are going to be very low – and no La Nina to blame things on this year.

He has run out of places to hide.

ScreenHunter_276 Mar. 19 13.17

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21 Responses to Big Trouble Ahead For Hansen

  1. Andy DC says:

    Cold is suppose to persist for virtually the rest of March over much of the US and western Europe. Many places will probably will have the coldest March since at least the 1960’s.

  2. kirkmyers says:

    Parts of Europe have been hit much harder than North America by this winter’s severe weather, resulting in the death of hundreds of people. It has been many decades since the region has seen this type of cold and snow. Some towns and roads have been submerged in record snow, as blizzard after blizzard have swept across the region.

    Of course, record-cold weather in Western and Eastern Europe is seldom reported by the U.S. media, which is notoriously left of center and tends to embrace environmental extremism, including the ongoing global warming fraud. If the weather in Europe this winter had been abnormally warm and dry, you can bet it would have been reported. But it was cold and snowy, so it was ignored. It didn’t fit the global warming mantra.

    • Ben says:

      Fortunately modern man arrived just in time to clear the snow before the albedo change had a long term effect.

      Not too cold, not too hot.

  3. Bill Gannon says:

    From Joe Bastardi, Atmospheric Anarchy In the UK! Jan CET BELOW normal,and March so cold its beating Jan Sid Vicious,not AGW in control . Wonder when this news will make LSM?

  4. gator69 says:

    “He’s looking in the spring,
    Looking for another lonely heart,
    Trying to find the missing part.
    It’s flown and the wind starts blowin’
    It’s going inside his heart, he’s all alone.
    And his heart is gone.”

  5. omanuel says:

    These cowards are trying every trick to stay in power:

  6. The Iconoclast says:

    Looks like there’s a darker red that can be smeared over arctic and antarctic areas. He’s done it before. Surely they’re going to come up with calculations to account for “normal variation” so they can keep claiming it’s hotter than ever.

    If they really thought the world was at risk then they’d be happy with all the news about reduced climate sensitivity and the like. Yay, we’re not going to fry. But that would get in the way of the true agenda, which is all about controlling people.

  7. omnologos says:

    20C anomaly in Western Greenland????

  8. gator69 says:

    “Huge flocks of migratory birds, such as cranes, lapwings and golden plovers, have been returning to Germany over the last couple of weeks after spending the winter in warmer climes. Many of them have now turned around and left thanks to the cold weather.”

    Are these the ‘climate refugees’ that Homer predicted, er scenario’d?

  9. Expensive energy = Less energy use = less income = more children dying … …

  10. Ray says:

    All of those positives will no doubt more than balance out the negatives.
    The February NCDC/NOAA Global & NH anomalies show an increase and the SH virtually no change over January, despite big falls in the UAH/RSS satellite figures.

  11. Ray says:

    The latest Global State of the Climate Report from NOAA, says that the global land/ocean anomaly for February was 0.57c.
    However, the actual data files currently show a figure of 0.6126c
    All of the figures on the State of the Climate Report appear to be different to those in the data files.

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