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Criminals, Mass Murderers Agree To Abide By Colorado’s Gun Grab

Local mass murders union #1043 issued a statement today saying that they support Colorado’s Democratic Party gun grab, and promise not to use magazines larger than 15 rounds when committing crimes in Colorado. The rapist union however was very upset … Continue reading

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Did February Traumatize Hansen?

It is almost April, and Hansen hasn’t published his February numbers yet. It is hard work figuring out how to jack up plummeting temperatures.

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Raping Science

Once again, science is forced to bend over for another hockey stick. Their timing couldn’t have been better – trying to convince a frozen country that they are experiencing unprecedented heat.

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McKitten Wants To Turn Off Fossil Fuels At Frozen Minnesota Colleges

350.org launched a new fossil fuel divestment campaign this past fall, and in less than 4 months campaigns have sprung up on over 250 colleges and universities across the country.  In the picture on the right, you can see Bill … Continue reading

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Anyone Remember Intelligent?

In December, Paul Douglas was sure that global warming had destroyed the planet. He has a different complaint now. Twitter / pdouglasweather: Grateful for a lack of bugs … h/t to Tom Nelson

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Coloring Between The Lines

Climate experts tell us that unless the ice extends exactly to the officially decreed orange line, the climate is going to do some really really bad shit and kill us all. N_daily_extent.png (420×500)

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IQ Test

This IQ test is a guaranteed fail for Democrats. Which one of these two armed men threatens your safety?  

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