Spring Is A Thing Of The Past

SPRING officially begins this week but forecasters are warning of a prolonged cold snap across the UK which will continue until the beginning of April.

The Daily Telegraph reports temperatures could drop to as low as minus 15C overnight in the north of England while Scotland and southeast England also face heavy snow and freezing temperatures. Temperatures would normally be well into double figures by this time of year.

The Met Office has released a yellow weather warning for the north of England: icy conditions and “heavy snow” are predicted. Forecaster Helen Roberts said there was unlikely to be any respite from the cold snap despite Wednesday’s spring equinox marking the end of the winter in the northern hemisphere.

UK weather: No spring in sight as forecasters predict cold snap to last ‘beyond Easter’ | News | The Week UK

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6 Responses to Spring Is A Thing Of The Past

  1. kbray in california says:

    It’ll be fun hiding Easter Eggs in the snowdrifts.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    This bitter cold has been going on for weeks. All winter I hear. And now spring. If I didn’t know better I would advise the Brits to fire up their factories and plants that produce CO2, to heat things up, and to jump start their stagnant economy as a side benefit. But unfortunately CO2 doesn’t do squat as for as warming things up. So I really have to advise the Brits to just keep things as they are, and close down all their coal plants as they plan to do, because CO2 won’t warm them up, and it’s great to have a real fire with real wood in your living room when its 20 below and your country has shut off the energy spigot for heating.

  3. darwin says:

    Oh no! Global Cooling!

  4. Leave it to the politicians/environmentalists to hijack the weather. duh….I never heard of such crap as “man-made” weather control…ie cagw…what a bunch of crap, from so-called enviro-scientists. It is all a scam. First, weather is not climate, unless it is in their interest to say so. ie, hot day, or warm winter day, cold day?? same thing…it all fell apart…boo hoo..

  5. Over here in the US they are continuing their indoctrination of our children and useful idiot politicians are going along. Stupid Weather Channel meteorologists exaggerate measurements and cherry pick data. All our swimming harder against the tide of empirical data that shows how little they know or understand what they are doing.

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