Met Office Forecasts Barbecue Spring

Snow will soon be a thing of the past in the UK.

The coldest March for 25 years could actually mean we eventually enjoy a spring heatwave ….

the Met Office 3 month forecast suggests that the same pattern could also bring a welcome heatwave by the end of spring.

Just a nudge to the south will mean winds come in from much warmer parts of the Continent. Even if that does not happen, as the interior of Europe warms (including Scandinavia) it will mean that the UK enjoys much warmer weather and will be protected from westerly gales.

The forecast reads: “By late spring, blocking patterns can bring warmer-than-average conditions to northern Europe and the UK.”

Snow to continue until Easter but weather pattern may also bring a heatwave – Met Office – Telegraph

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11 Responses to Met Office Forecasts Barbecue Spring

  1. omnologos says:

    BREAKING: Summer to be warmer than Winter

    • Jimbo says:

      Breaking, Met Office says warmer winters. 🙂

      27 February 2007
      Winter ‘second warmest on record’

      ….said Met Office meteorologist Wayne Elliott. “Therefore it is a good measure of changes to the climate.”

      ……Mr Elliott said. “It is consistent with the climate change message,” he told BBC News. “It is exactly what we expect winters to be like – warmer and wetter, and dryer and hotter summers………..

      “But the winter we have just seen is consistent with the type of weather we expect to see more and more in the future.” ”

      Haaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      BREAKING: the Met Office forecasts it wont be snowing at the end of spring. Or at least in July. We’re pretty confident on that. And if it does.. snow in July, it’ll be because of the the runaway global warming that has afflicted our little country, and we’ll need to double down on building windmills and closing our coal plants. Er, global warming climate change. And we can have a White Christmas in July, so it won’t be all bad. So let’s snap to it, cutting back on CO2 & our power generating capacity!

  2. The Met’s latest 3-month outlook (i.e. end of Feb) says

    For March-April-May as a whole, near-average temperatures are more likely, although uncertainty for the period is larger.
    The probability that the UK-mean temperature for March-April-May will be in the coldest of our five categories is between 15% and 20% and the probability that it will be in the warmest of our five categories is also between 15% and 20%

    In other words, they have not got a clue.

    If its warmer. they’ll say they were right, and same if its colder or average.

    Click to access A3-plots-temp-MAM.pdf

    • Andy DC says:

      In other words, there is a 50/50 chance that spring could either be warm or cold. They pay those people good money to say stuff like that?

  3. phodges says:

    What, is Monty Python writing the script for these guys????

  4. Mike says:

    Missing Arctic ice turns up in Scotland

    Enviroloons ask for donations to repatriate the ice.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    The UK Met Office reckons the weather has ADHD and is jumping all over the place!! Watch out for Ritalin to be used to combat CAGW! And now, latest news reports show the White Cliffs of Dover are collapsing because of unrelenting attacks of CO2.

    Meanwhile in other breaking news:
    Here in Oz, the ASPI reckons CAGW is a “threat multiplier!”
    Patriot Missiles have being deployed to destroy rogue CO2 molecules which are attacking Australia from the northern hemisphere. In a strange co-incidence, Ellen deGeneres somehow was allowed to land in Sydney.

  6. Andy Oz says:

    The Daily Mail has some fantastic photos of all that rotten snow.

    It would be interesting to measure the reduction in the “Albedo Effect” that all this snow and ice will cause across the UK for the next month or so. Perhaps an AGW believer (David, Tooi?) could calculate that for the skeptical ones of us who don’t believe this CAGW crap.

  7. ANH says:

    This is Louise Gray writing the Telegraph and on the same page in the print edition she has another little piece where she quotes a report from the London School of Economics saying we can expect a rise of 7 degrees centigrade in the south of England by 2050.

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