The Germans Were Also Good People

Most of us Americans were raised to believe that Germans are evil and Americans are good. That is complete nonsense. Americans were no better or worse than Germans.

The main difference is the system of government. The US Constitution has protected Americans from tyranny by creating a system of checks and balances. The very same system which Obama is bypassing and weakening at every opportunity.

Germans fell victim to a concerted campaign of fear, just as Americans are doing. Does anyone actually believe that global warming is going to destroy the US, or that veterans or Ron Paul supporters are a threat to America’s security?

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

– Voltaire

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7 Responses to The Germans Were Also Good People

  1. When Hitler first ran for office, they laughed at him. Then Germany (Weimer Republic) went through hyperinflation, everyone lost their life savings, and people were suddenly willing to listen to and elect Hitler. Today, the Federal Reserve is printing $85,000,000,000 a month……….

    • Bone Idle says:

      They could just about to get colder. The Russians are threatening retaliation in response to the “confiscation” of deposits of Russian oligarchs from Cyprus. Besides considering sanctions on the German companies doing business in Russia, the flow of Heating Gas to Europe maybe throttled back.

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    Homework: The book “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” that points out that the “Jewish problem” was akin to what contemporary culture calls the “drug problem,” with great public enthusiasm towards a final solution to a very well accepted, matter of fact “problem” that carried back decades before Naziism. Germany was also subject to the punishing Treaty of Versailles that the failed Kyoto treaty doesn’t amount to, I’m afraid.

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